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Human Care Consulting (HCC) didirikan pada tahun 2017 dengan fokus pada penyediaan layanan pengembangan sumber daya manusia (Human Capital Development Service), baik di ranah personal maupun korporasi  organisasi.


Sejalan dengan kemajuan teknologi dan kebutuhan klien, HCC saat ini berkomitmen untuk menyediakan alat penilaian yang valid, komprehensif, dan andal dengan harga yang wajar.

Salah satu fokus utama dari Human Care Consulting adalah memberikan tes online terlengkap, valid dan terpercaya dalam berbagai skema kerjasama dan biaya investasi, sesuai kebutuhan Anda.


Our Goals
  1. Providing scientific assessment tools in industrial, education, clinical, and family

  2. Becoming trusted talent management company in Indonesia

  3. Actively contributing in psychological community




Customized Approach

Confidential Guaranteed



Our Value
CORE (Care . Openness to Change . Respect . Excellence)

We care about the welfare of our clients, partners and work teams. Caring means being sensitive to paying attention to other people's needs and taking concrete actions to help others. For us, caring for clients means being committed to providing excellent service according to client needs. By walking with partners, we are ready to join hands to support and develop partnerships.

Openness to Change
We are embrace changes and are ready to be the drivers of the acceleration in our environment. Open to change includes changes in mindset and personal maturity, to openness to new information, methods and technology in providing services.

We respect and respect everyone who comes in contact with HCC. Respect means looking at other people as important, valuing each others views with unconditional positive regard and giving everyone space to develop their potential.

We never stop creating solutions and making improvements for every challenge we face. We are committed to be the best and continue to innovate according to the demands and development of the times.

Meet HCC Team

Kartika Amelia



Head of Finance

Maya Trisyanti

Head of Business Development & Growth

Raja Daud

Head of Operation & Project Manager

Registered Fasilitator

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