Industrial & Organizational Services 

In the VUCA era and entering the industry era 5.0, the key steps for a company's success are to place the right people, in the right position, and at the right time. Therefore, the process of selection, placement, and employee development becomes an important activity supporting the success of companies, agencies, and organizations. We are here to help you design, run and evaluate HR management with methods and programs specifically designed to suit your needs.

Employee Development

Human Care Consulting provides training services, workshops, seminars, and employee feedback according to the needs of the company / agency / organization. We use experiential learning methods where the proportion of training is 30% theory and 70% practice.

HR Management System Development

Human Care Consulting is ready to assist companies in building talent management systems including the preparation of organizational structures, job descriptions, Key Performance Indicators, campus competencies, Workload Analysis, and so on according to your needs.

Potential Mapping

Human Care Consulting provides psychological testing services for the benefit of employee recruitment, promotion and restructuring. We have dozens of variants of test kits to map the potential of intelligence, work attitudes, personalities, values, self-placement in the work environment, leadership, and so on. Selection of test kits tailored to your needs, processed using a computerized system, and compiled by a team of our expert psychologists to provide accurate results.

Competency Mapping

Human Care Consulting provides competency mapping services for employee recruitment, promotion and restructuring purposes using a work simulation method (assessment center) and behavior-based interview (Behavioral Event Interview). Both of these methods are measurement methods with the highest level of validity and scientific processes. We provide a competency dictionary based on a combination of theory and best practice for years as a guide to employee mapping. If you already have your own competency dictionary, we can adjust the competency mapping to your company's standards.

System Development
HR Management

To answer client needs regarding a comprehensive mapping of potentials and competencies in a comprehensive manner, Human Care Consulting provides a mapping of potentials and competencies with a report format that varies greatly according to company needs. The results of mapping the potential and competence are ready to be used for employee placement and development because they have been accompanied by practical suggestions that can be used for employee development.

Personal, Children & Family Services

Mapping Children's Potential and Interests

Mapping the potential of children includes assessments related to readiness to enter school (kindergarten), readiness to enter pre-adolescence, interest and aptitude tests (junior and senior high school), tests of study abroad readiness, and work readiness tests (career guidance). Each set of assessments is accompanied by personal counseling with our expert psychologists and counselors. We are committed to helping you recognize the potential and interests of children, as well as getting practical advice to develop their potential.

Personal Counseling and Psychotherapy

We have a team of psychologists and counselors with their respective specialties who are ready to help you deal with your problems. We base our every counseling process with scientific based methods and best practices in Indonesia. We are committed to helping each client become a therapist for himself and be able to face his problems independently in the future.

Premarital and Family Counseling

Supported by internationally licensed counselors, we provide an assessment (Relationship check-up) at each stage of your relationship and your partner. We are also ready to assist you to deal with problems faced by families both in the smallest units (couples) to large families with its complexity.

Service Method


We provide website-based online assessment services that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This is done to bridge the client's need to get test results quickly in the midst of a busy activity. The test can be done 24/7 with the guided support of our staff via chat and telephone if necessary. The test results will be obtained as soon as the participant has finished completing the test * (sla according to the service package taken).


To facilitate client needs for assessments conducted face-to-face and the existence of several services has proven to be more effective when done through face-to-face activities such as FGDs, management system development, and other consultations, we also provide these services. Time, place, and technical implementation can be tailored to client needs.

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